Le Sapalet

A family tradition

Le Sapalet is a dairy sheep farm, the first of its kind in Switzerland. With the products from our herd of nearly a thousand sheep, we supply more than a hundred retailers throughout French-speaking Switzerland. After a complete reconversion at the end of the 1990s, we now devote ourselves to raising sheep and making cheese with their milk. Sapalet, the name of our first cheese, is the name of our mountain pasture on the heights of Rossinière. It also gave its name to our company.

The mountain pasture

You have to climb for two hours from the small village of Rossinière on a rocky path to finally discover the alpage of Sapalet/Crau-dessus.

A large expanse of soft grass nestles in a mountain cirque dominated by the Dent de Corjon. It is there, between 1400 and 1700 meters of altitude, that the herd of ewes is estivated, guarded from predators by protection dogs.

Our values

We have at heart to share what we like to create and this, as much as possible, in accordance with the earth, combining tradition, innovation with know-how and a lot of sincerity. All of us together towards a common goal, in awareness and inspiration of the nature that surrounds us. Each element is considered and valued with attention.